West Palm Beach Library Foundation’s $75,000 Donation Adds New Vital Resources to Benefit Mandel Public Library of All Ages

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (September 1, 2021) –West Palm Beach Library Foundation has donated an additional $75,000 beyond their normal support of the Mandel Public Library to add educational computers, a soundproof booth, and popular publications to continue enhancing services to the patrons of the library.

“We truly appreciate this most generous contribution,” stated Lisa R. Hathaway, Library Director. “These resources will greatly enhance the educational and recreational experience for our community members that take advantage of all that our library has to offer.”


This donation will make the following resources possible:

“Our patrons already consider Mandel Public Library an oasis for literary and education,” said Dean W. Dimke, Foundation Executive Director. “We’re proud we can help students in our diverse community thrive and enhance the library experience for all who benefit from these new services, resources and tools.”

Adding new programs, services and technology are central to West Palm Beach Library Foundation’s mission to raise financial donations to supplement the City of West Palm Beach operating budget for Mandel Public Library.

“We couldn’t have provided these expanded tools and resources without the help of our dedicated and generous donors,” said Dianne Bernstein, Foundation Board Chair. “We appreciate all donations, volunteers and other ways community members help us continue to add more services and programs to the library.”

About the West Palm Beach Library Foundation

West Palm Beach Library Foundation was formed in 2000 as a separate nonprofit to support the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach. Activities and events financially support the library and all free programs, services and resources for children, teens and adults that enrich the diverse community. For more information or to donate to the foundation, please visit