Note from the Executive Director - Summer Programs 2022

Our very sincere thanks for your support of the West Palm Beach Library Foundation. Because of generous donors like you, we continue to support the programs, services, and resources of the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach for over 100,000 patrons.

We would like to ask for your help in sponsoring the Library’s Summer Learning 2022. Summer learning is always an important tool in helping our children prevent the dreaded academic “summer slide.” The Library is more committed than ever to helping our local students excel in their studies.

Data shows that in the public schools nearest the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach, less than one-third of kindergarteners start school ready to learn. By the third grade only 40% have become proficient readers. Research shows that children who have not mastered reading by third grade are less likely to graduate. Adults without high school diplomas make less than their peers who graduated. For many, a diploma is the difference between poverty and a living wage.

Summer Learning 2022 offers our youth:

  • Small-group tutoring by certified teachers for students each week to help further academic studies.

  • A reading program that provides gift books for upwards of 3,000 children (K-12) to foster a love of reading and help build home libraries.

  • Activities to keep kids motivated and engaged including art, fitness, science, dance, crafting, technology, music, and more.

Your support of the Foundation will have a significant impact on our local children and teens.
Much of the library’s outreach is focused on underrepresented residents who live in neighborhoods geographically nearest to the library, with a lower median household income and higher poverty level than that of the overall City. The Library is dedicated to serving our residents in need and removing barriers to learning, making its FREE programs and services that much more important.

How will your donation help Summer Learning 2022?
Any contribution is valued and appreciated, but here are a few examples of how your gift will support students at the Library this summer:

  • $100 will provide gift books for 20 students in the Summer Reading Program

  • $200 will provide 10 Educational Science Experiment Kits (STEM)

  • $300 will sponsor a session of small group tutoring during Summer Learning 2022

  • $400 will fund a teacher for one-week, for Summer Learning 2022

Year-round, the Mandel Public Library is an educational oasis for our area youth that helps to encourage students, fill learning gaps, and make learning fun. I hope the West Palm Beach Library Foundation can count on your support so that together we can foster our exceptional local students. To learn more about the programs supported by the Library Foundation, please call 561-868-7717 to schedule a behind the scenes library tour.


Dean W. Dimke
Executive Director
West Palm Beach Library Foundation

Phone: 561-868-7793
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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